Charming Ali mountain scenic spot

Ali mountain

Ali Mountain is located 72 kilometers east of Jiayi city. It used to be an important forest farm in Taiwan, but now it is a famous forest recreation area at home and abroad. It is high-lying, fresh and pleasant air, and low temperature in summer, so it is known as a summer resort.

Ali mountian scenic spot is located in Ali mountian Township in the east of Jiayi County, which is one of the eight scenic spots in Taiwan. Due to the influence of the longitudinal cutting of the stratum, the county has a high-lying terrain, especially developed terrain and landscape such as suspended Valley, cliff and waterfall, with fresh air, which has become a rich tourist resource. The villages of TaiPing, RuiFeng, RuiLi, TaiHe, FenQi lake, Shui Sheliao, and QieDong in this area have been developed into scenic spots characterized by natural landscapes such as strange shaped stone, trees and waterfall. Both of them are connected by roads, while the internationally famous Ali mountain Mountain Climbing railway detours around, forming a huge tourism network, which is also centered on Ali Mountain. Therefore, it is collectively called the great Ali mountain scenic area, with a long reputation and a great reputation. Even foreign tourists can sing "green mountains, blue streams, beautiful girls and strong young people". This popular ballad is enough to illustrate the beautiful scenery of Ali mountain.

Ali mountain

In addition to rich and precious natural resources, Ali mountain National Forest Recreation Area also retains the cultural resources of Zou people for more than 200 years. Now it is a forest tour with both knowledge and sensibility, which is connected with Yushan National Park due to the new Zhongheng road. Take the mountaineering train from Jiayi for 4 hours to reach ALi mountain scenic spot. There are many peaks and ravines in the area, which are both dangerous and beautiful. The highest altitude is 2663 meters. Although the mountain is not high, it is well-known around the world for its four scenic spots of sacred wood, cherry blossom, cloud sea and sunrise. Therefore, it is said that "I don't know the beauty of Taiwan until I get to Ali mountain".

Ali Mountain is composed of 18 high mountains, which are the branch of Yushan Mountain range. There are Lanxi and Yushan main peak across the city, with a total area of 1400 hectares. Surrounded by mountains, the mountains are emerald and the huge trees are towering, which is very magnificent. It is said that before, there was a Zou chieftain, abari, who came here alone to hunt. After returning with full load, he often brought his people here. In order to thank him, he named this place after his name.

ALi five-peculiar

Ali mountain

Ali Mountain is the branch of Yushan Mountain, facing the deep valley and xiaotashan in the west, Zhushan mountain in the East and Lanxi mountain in the south, the main peak of Yushan Mountain in the north, towering like the truncated Dashan mountain in the north, Wansui mountain, Shuishan mountain and Shishan mountain in the south to the front peak of Yushan Mountain. Although Ali mountain covers a large area, it is generally referred to as Ali mountain Forest Recreation Area in the area of Muping park. Ali mountain has multiple landscapes, enjoying flowers in spring and summer, enjoying sunrise and sea of clouds in autumn and winter. There are considerable views in all seasons of the year. The mountain railway, forest, sea of clouds, sunrise and sunset are also known as the five wonders of Ali mountain.