Health care effect of wormwood leaf

wormwood leaf

Wormwood, also known as wormwood, has an old saying that "there is wormwood at home, which is not used by the doctor". It is a wild vegetable and also a traditional Chinese medicine. People in the south often eat it. In the north, it is a good medicine for women's gynecology. AI Ye is a kind of fragrant and turbid medicine. It is warm in nature. It has many effects, such as stopping spitting blood, relieving cough and phlegm, benefiting Yin Qi and dispelling wind and cold. AI Ye Paojiao can play a certain role in removing diseases and strengthening the body. Modern medical research shows that wormwood leaf has a very good health care function. The ancients said that there is also a certain scientific reason for wormwood leaf to ward off evil. The uses of wormwood can be roughly divided into internal and external use. As early as more than 2000 years ago, there were also relevant records in the Huangdi Neijing.

Regulating menstruation and hemostasis, calming foetus, dispersing cold and dehumidification

Moxibustion therapy is to smoke and burn specific acupoints with the help of the medicinal force and warm stimulation from the burning of mugwort leaves, so as to achieve the purpose of disease elimination and health preservation. Moxibustion is often used to regulate menstruation, stop bleeding, dispel cold and dehumidify;

Treatment of various gynecological diseases, acute and chronic inflammation

Wormwood is widely used, especially in gynecological diseases. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, wormwood is characterized by warm nature, bitter and pungent taste. It is mainly used to treat women's common diseases such as hematemesis, hemoptysis, hematochezia, metrorrhagia, fetal restlessness, etc. In addition, wormwood has curative effect on rheumatoid arthritis, cold diarrhea, bronchitis, enteritis, acute urethritis, cystitis and other acute and chronic inflammation.

Inhibit or kill a variety of pathogenic bacteria

wormwood leaf

The volatile oil (fragrance component) in wormwood leaf can inhibit or kill a variety of pathogenic bacteria. When burning, it can not only inhibit or kill the bacteria in the surrounding environment, but also distribute in the nose and respiratory tract of the population, kill the bacteria in the mouth and nose respiratory tract, and form a micro membrane barrier in the mouth and nose to prevent the invasion of bacteria. Through burning the leaves of Artemisia argyi to smoke or decocting the leaves of Artemisia argyi for bathing, the effect will be better because the aroma components volatilize more thoroughly at high temperature.

Enhance immunity

The disinfectant incense mainly made of wormwood leaves can significantly improve the content of specific immunoglobulin A in the nasal secretion of healthy people. Long-term application of Wormwood Leaves bath can also enhance the immune function of human body, enhance the resistance to disease, and significantly reduce the incidence of influenza, which shows that wormwood bath can also improve immunity.