Tsin Dynasty completed the unification of the Three Kingdoms. Why are there few records about Tsin Dynasty in history?

Tsin Dynasty

In the process of China's feudal history, which lasted for more than 2000 years, one dynasty after another was born, and the replacement of each dynasty recorded the growth of the Chinese nation. Every unification is a new beginning, and the establishment of every new regime is a progress. There are many things worthy of reference and esteem for future generations, and the way to understand all of them is through historical records. These should be the most familiar dynasties and historical deeds, but also the history we admire. Whenever we mention this history, it can always make people passionate.

But there is also a dynasty whose ruling time has been over a hundred years and 15 emperors. At the same time, it ended the Three Kingdoms dispute. It is the Tsin Dynasty. But why there are not so many records and praises of this dynasty in history? Even the historical teleplays rarely involved the Tsin Dynasty.

First of all, the establishment of the Tsin Dynasty is not very glorious. It was completely usurped from Cao's descendants by Sima Yi, the ancestor of Sima family. There is not much bloodbath and struggle at all, so it is so easy to get Cao's achievements after three generations of management by breaking the law. Secondly, the Tsin Dynasty not only did not reform the national system, but also abandoned the ruling system established by the first emperor of Qin Dynasty, and returned to the Western Zhou Dynasty, which finally led to the outbreak of the eight kings' rebellion after 16 years, which greatly damaged the vitality of the country and the people's displacement. Finally, at the time of "Wu Hu Luan Hua (transliteration)", Tsin Dynasty didn't want to fight against Hu, but wanted to save my strength and run away. As a result, tens of millions of Han people were almost killed, leaving only a few million people.

Tsin Dynasty

In the Tsin Dynasty, there was neither the magnificent struggle of Qin Dynasty to unify the six kingdoms, nor the endless heroism of Han Dynasty to fight against the huns, nor the magnificent chapter of the Tang Dynasty, which made us not have a high sense of identity with the history of Tsin Dynasty. On the contrary, due to the occurrence of the tragedy of "Wu Hu Luan Hua (transliteration)", we compared Tsin Dynasty with each other Antipathy. Therefore, we seldom can see the historical praise of Tsin Dynasty, because there is really no great achievement of Tsin Dynasty worth remembering and showing off.