Simple, calm and elegant wine culture

wine culture

China's surging five thousand year culture, including the wein culture of vast soup, how many connotations are precipitated in the wine, how many poet feelings are contained, how many literati's loneliness, vicissitudes, frustration, and how many lofty sentiments are witnessed.

Wine carries the joys and sorrows of Chinese people, and permeates the skin and bones of Chinese people. The stories of literati and wine can't be told completely, nor can they be told completely. In fact, the story of literati and wine is just a light of wine culture. More importantly, wine has become a part of our life. No matter the emperor or the people, wine is an indispensable part of our life.

Wine way is a civilized way to enjoy wine and an emotional expression of drinking culture. If tea ceremony originated in China and developed in Japan, then wine ceremony is a miniature of China's material and spiritual civilization from the source and reality.

wine culture

In the wine way, we should pay attention to "Pin Zheng (transliteration,means Moral integrity)", "Qi Meng (transliteration,means The instrument of taking wine is beautiful and distinctive)", "Ling Ya (transliteration)" and "Jiu Chen (transliteration)". Besides the wine, it also includes drinks, arts and people's character. Pin Zheng is the first threshold to enter the wine Road, and it is also necessary to walk in the wine road. It is the true display of the personal civilization of the drinker, and also the true display of the material civilization of the wine. The reason and function of the Qi Mei is valued and valued by the emperors, generals and ordinary people. The beauty of utensils from Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties to modern times also enables us to understand the civilization of our ancestors thousands of years ago. The excellent drinking utensils can be listed in museum.